Love in Bombay

Love in Bombay (also marketed under the title Love in Mumbai) is a 2013 Indian Hindi-language romantic comedy film produced and directed by Joy Mukherjee. The film was originally made in 1971 and starred Waheeda Rehman, Sonia Sahni, Rehman, Kishore Kumar, and Ashok Kumar. It is the third film of Mukherjee's Love in trilogy which also includes Love in Simla and Love in Tokyo. Shankar Jaikishan had given music for this film which features songs by great artists of golden era like Mohd. Rafi, Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhonsle. Due to lack of funds this movie couldn't release in its own time. After Joy Mukherjee's death, his son Toy had put in efforts and made arrangements of the release of the movie. This film is a simple story of a village boy, Baadal (Joy Mukherjee) who meets a girl from the city, Preeti (Waheeda Rehman) in the most unusual circumstances and the couple eventually fall in love, and wish to get married only to find Preeti’s scheming father, played by Rehman and her fiancé, Roshan try all methods to separate the couple. There’s a lot of drama, jealousy, and a challenge that ensues, but Baadal ends up triumphant through it all. The most fun element was Kishore Kumar‘s character, Ganpat Rao who effortlessly makes you smile from the time he enters the scene. Then there’s the moment of unity for actor brothers, Ashok Kumar and Kishore Kumar which was heartwarming for more reasons than just their screen presence together.

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